About Us

Chamber music is a form of music for small ensembles that involves musicians working together equally, sharing opinions and striving to come together to make beautiful music. Each individual plays a unique part, and when it is combined with the parts of others in the ensemble, the group creates an expressive musical tapestry.

Guild: An association of individuals joined in pursuit of nurturing the growth of a shared passion

Chamber Music Guild brings individuals together into a community with a passion for learning and playing chamber music. A nonprofit organization based in the Pacific Northwest formerly known as Chamber Music Madness, Chamber Music Guild provides exceptional chamber music education programs for youth and adult amateur players. Led by Artistic Director Skyros Quartet, Chamber Music Guild offers innovative and exciting programs – which are all about inspiring participants and making musicians for life.


Chamber Music Guild provides educational and inspirational chamber music experiences for youth and adults, fostering life-long learning and an ever-expanding community of chamber music players.


We value collaboration, expression, and confidence, demonstrated in our programs by:

  • Positive, joyful rehearsal, coaching, and performance environments, supporting the growth of individuals and their ensemble
  • Teaching collaboration and communication skills
  • Aspiring to reduce economic barriers to participation
  • Inclusiveness, outreach, and community building


Chamber Music Guild began in 2000 under its original name, Chamber Music Madness, founded by Karen Iglitzin, violinist and educator, formerly with the Philadelphia String Quartet. The original program was a weekly three hour workshop, where students developed sight-reading skills through chamber music, with coachings and a surprise “Mystery Hour.” Since this beginning, the organization has embodied the spirit of creativity, fun, and individual expression within a variety of workshops for youth, such as Mini-Madness, Beyond Madness, Ultimate Madness, and Camp Nirvana.

Over time, we have broadened our chamber music roots and grown by adding a summer festival and in-school coaching program for youth, workshops for both youth and adults, a weekend retreat for adults, and a podcast for all who enjoy performing and listening to chamber music.

In 2015, Skyros Quartet was hired to innovate an in-school chamber music program. This collaboration between Skyros and Chamber Music Guild eventually led to the quartet’s current role as Artistic Director of all our programs. Chamber Music Guild continues to grow under the direction of Skyros Quartet, and holds a unique position in the Pacific Northwest as a provider of programs featuring intensive coaching, sight-reading, and performance opportunities for youth and adults.

Chamber Music Guild is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation in Seattle, Washington. Federal Tax ID 91-2130303.