Summer Student Festival

Summer Student Festival

String and piano students (ages 13-24) enjoy a week playing chamber music, practicing theater arts, and attending musicianship classes, all guided by Skyros Quartet – an incomparable opportunity to work with a professional string quartet.

Discovery Workshop

Discovery Workshop

Amateur adult string players, pianists, and student musicians explore the wonderful world of chamber music in a fun-filled, day-long workshop, coached by Skyros Quartet.

Adult Weekend Retreat

Weekend Retreat

Amateur adult string players and pianists enjoy a weekend of camaraderie and inspiring music-making with expert guidance from exceptional coaches at the beautiful Icicle Creek Center for the Arts in scenic Leavenworth, WA.

In-School Coaching

In-School Coaching Program

String instrument students in middle and high schools gain valuable chamber music ensemble skills in this unique 10-week program, following the curriculum developed by Skyros Quartet and culminating with a student performance.

The Counterpoint Club

The Counterpoint Club Podcast

Listeners can explore the integral role of chamber music within Western classical music, learn new rehearsal ideas and techniques, and enjoy fascinating conversations with special guests, hosted by Skyros Quartet.

Solo & Ensemble Prep

Solo & Ensemble Prep Workshop

High school students practice performance techniques designed to boost confidence and ensemble bonding as they prepare for the Solo & Ensemble Contest, coached by Skyros Quartet.

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