In-School Program

New 2023-2024 Program – for every grade level!

Contact us to sign up for the 2023-2024 school year!

In-School CoachingChamber Music Guild is excited to present our new In-School Program, led by Skyros Quartet. Each presentation is customized for an individual school or class setting, based on the type of school (elementary, middle, or high school) and type of audience or class (for example, a large public presentation to all students in a single grade level at one school or an individual orchestra class).

Skyros Quartet members, as dedicated teaching-artists and Artistic Directors of Chamber Music Guild, are uniquely qualified educators who have developed a series of presentations for students at different points in their musical journey.

Elementary Schools

At elementary schools, we offer Harmonic Voyages, an interactive presentation to introduce the violin, viola, and cello to young students who typically have not yet begun their journey into playing a string instrument. The presentation is designed to encourage students to choose an instrument to begin learning, and guide them towards finding the instrument they feel most resonates with them and represents their individual voice.

Middle Schools and High Schools

For older students at middle and high schools, we incorporate a varied set of inspiring presentations to teach the skills of chamber music playing. Examples of presentation subjects include building upon skills like how to listen intentionally, develop a group sound, find a group pulse, and learn how to work together as a team. Students learn how to apply these concepts to performance in both small chamber ensembles and larger ensembles. The presentations are adaptable to orchestra, band, and choir classes, and the skills learned help students with character development and maturity in all arenas of life.

Chamber Music Guild offers 45-minute sessions for either type of presentation. Teachers and administrators can sign up for classes a la carte, or for several presentations per semester. Chamber Music Guild works with the school and teacher to adapt presentations so as to augment the teacher’s own curriculum and provide inspiration for each and every student in the class, regardless of age, ability or background.


All Public and private schools in King and Snohomish Counties are eligible for the In-School Program. Students pay no fees!

Getting Started

Within the Seattle Public Schools (SPS), this program is eligible for Creative Advantage program funding. And thanks to generous donors, Chamber Music Guild has limited funds available to help additional schools take advantage of this program. Cognizant of recent funding reductions for school music and art programs, Chamber Music Guild welcomes inquiries from schools with underfunded music programs and or students from underrepresented and underserved communities. To inquire about the In-School Program, please contact Managing Director, Virginia Wright.

“What an amazing experience getting to play in a quartet has been for my daughter. It has challenged her to take her music to a higher level. I hear her frustration as she works on mastering new skills and then her sense of pride once she nails a piece.”
Cleveland High School parent

“Once again, thank you so much for the work you are doing. All of the students in my orchestras are benefiting from the leadership that the participants are bringing back into class after working with you. Keep up the excellent work!”

Mark Adamo, Orchestra Director Shoreline High School and Kellogg Middle School

Past Sessions

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